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GenTent Open Frame Portable Generator Installation Videos

Clamp It, Frame It, Cover it!

By watching this series of videos, you will learn how to install the GenTent on your portable generator. Our recommended techniques are provided throughout the videos along with details for each component.

  • These videos are organized in the order you will need for your initial installation
  • These videos are available in HD (720P) and full screen. Simply click the gear settings to choose a higher resolution
  • These videos can be viewed in fullscreen by selecting the full screen icon at the lower right side of the playbar.

Some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Important: The center connector must be installed with the pin facing upward. The pin keeps the top cap from collapsing and the center connector is reinforced in this direction
  • Always use washers on both sides of the clamp as this ensures properly spread clamping force.
  • Always use the push technique to put the clamp over the frame tube. Pulling the mouth of the clamp open is not recommended as too much force can cause the clamp mouth the snap

We work on the concept of continuous improvement and are very interested to receive your feedback and suggestions!