Ethical Business Practices

GenTent is a growing business striving to keep families safe.

GenTent is a company built with customer focus and fair treatment for all business partners. Our organizational mission is to encourage safety in all uses of our products. This philosophy extends to our partners, the organizations GenTent chooses to align with, and ultimately the quality of the products we offer to our customers. It is paramount that we never lose sight of our original goal, to create a product and now company that strives to keep families safe. 

GenTent products allow you to safely run your generator in all types of weather. All of our products are designed and tested with consumer safety in mind - and that stands out with the customer feedback. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction, offering our Perfect Fit Guarantee to ensure our customers are getting the right product for their generator. We will always work with customers to ensure that our products live up to their expectations. GenTent is here when you need us, and we will do everything we can to ensure safety.

Reinvesting in our Community

GenTent is dedicated to giving back to the community through industry, adding to the workforce, and private donation.

GenTent is committed to supporting our local community in our base state of New Hampshire. While growing product expansion globally, GenTent prioritizes maintaining our domestic production partners to expand GenTent as a national brand. GenTent has proudly developed and manufactured product for the United States military and government branches and continues to grow in this sector. GenTent is committed to support our local education system, youth recreation sports, and community-based fundraising efforts aligned with our company mission. 

GenTent Prioritizes U.S. Manufacturing

Our premium Extreme branded product line is made in the United States. We have partnered with premium contract manufacturers like Jomel Industries, and Integrated Textile Solutions.

Jomel has been servicing various markets for over 50 years, with attention and quality to care, they are an example of the high standards that we hold all of our products to.

Our longest manufacturing partner, Integrated Textile Solutions, is a manufacturer of the United States military tents and equipment.

GenTent is Trusted by:

GenTent Services the US Armed Forces

GenTent is in active service through several U.S. military branches and government agencies. As a company, GenTent is a veteran employer and advocate, and strongly values our government customers and partnerships.

Furthering GenTent's culture of safety, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who tracks and reports active hurricane systems, uses the GenTent to assist with equipment on their Hurricane Hunter meteorological stations.

GenTent has been used in national testing, military National Guard disaster response, and is a proud member of the Portable Generator Manufacturers Association. As a member of the PGMA, GenTent is helping to develop and influence safety and performance standards for industry products. Find out more about the PGMA here.

GenTent services National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration
Philanthropy and Education

GenTent is committed to supporting portable generator safety, disaster preparedness, and recovery efforts.

GenTent has grown as an organization dedicated to problem-solving from a consumer perspective. Throughout that growth, GenTent has applied that same  mentality to seek out philanthropic efforts which align with our core mission of safety. We pride ourselves in perpetuating the education of safety, but are also actionable in implementing preparedness and relief both domestically and internationally. 

GenTent is focused on Safety Education

GenTent is the result of finding no viable or affordable products that would allow safely running a generator in rain or wet weather. As our organization has grown, we have made a commitment to spread the message of portable generator safety and further put into action programs which can help educate people on hurricane and disaster preparedness. GenTent is a proud member of the Portable Generator Manufacturers Association, helping to develop and influence safety and performance standards for industry products. Find out more about the PGMA's Take it Outside Campaign here.


GenTent sponsors Direct Relief® efforts

In March 2020 through December 2022, GenTent Safety Canopies had expanded their philanthropic and educational efforts by reaching an agreement with Direct Relief®, a federally recognized charitable organization. The agreement enables GenTent Safety Canopies to offer an ongoing campaign to support Direct Relief’s humanitarian efforts both domestically and abroad.

Direct Relief's assistance programs, which focus on emergency preparedness and disaster response and the prevention and treatment of disease - are tailored to the circumstances and needs of the world's most vulnerable and at-risk populations.

Other Philanthropic Efforts

GenTent Gives Back to the Community
Safety as a Focus in All Efforts

Through product development, industry testing, and creating safety content, GenTent is a company based on safety.

As a company GenTent remains resolved to prioritize consumer safety as our unwavering focus in future business, partners, and products. 

GenTent was created to encourage safe and effective use of portable generators.  All of our products are designed and tested with consumer safety in mind. Beyond our internal testing, we have contracted out industry leaders for product testing to verify our ratings and claims, and ensure our customers the piece of mind, that they can keep their families same when they need it most.

GenTent Testing

GenTent Labs

Our independent test lab report confirms GenTent is the no compromise generator cover for running portable and inverter generators in nearly any weather event. We listen to our customers, and are constantly looking to improve our products based on your feedback. We are always innovating and trying to outfit MORE generators on the market (now ~3,000), you can find out what is new with our product development with the GenTent Labs link.

GenTent is committed to spreading the message of safety. We are frequently providing content like our Top 10 Portable Generator Safety Tips and have been featured in national publications for our safety efforts like Forbes, Pro Tool Reviews, and OPEI. You can find these feature articles and more in the "GenTent In The News" section. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest safety features, news, and announcements throughout the portable generator industry. We also keep you informed on the newest GenTent product changes, site enhancements, and company updates. Stay Informed, Stay Safe, Let GenTent WeatherProof your Power™

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