GenTent has been Independently Tested

Since the very first prototype, the GenTent product line has been put under thousands of test hours internally. Following a continual improvement model, our testing and customer feedback have resulted in improvements to the clamp (materials, relief slots, hardware and instructions), improvements to the canopy to enable mass production (RF sealing), and introduction of key accessories to accommodate more features and generators.


GenTent has presented to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association to further the conversation of generator safety. With the adoption of the ANSI/PGMA G300 requirement that portable generators include automatic carbon monoxide (CO) shut-off, GenTent submitted product to multiple members of the PGMA.  GenTent has been tested by:

  • Briggs & Stratton
  • CAT
  • Champion
  • Firman
  • Generac
  • Westinghouse
  • Yamaha

with no compromise or false shutdowns from the CO sensors with the GenTent being mounted.


GenTent has also submitted product to 360° Product Testing, a company that focuses on product claims testing. 360 Product Testing used the GenTent 10K StormBracer Standard Edition, mounted on a Westinghouse WH7500E portable generator. The linked report provides results as tested during February and March 2015, and covered these important product claims:

  1. Outlet Moisture Protection
  2. Snow Load Durability
  3. Wind Survivability
  4. Generator Cooling Interference
  5. Impeding Generator Air Intake
  6. GenTent Materials Auto-Ignition Resistance

The Results?

  1. Provides moisture protection of the control panel and outlets; remains watertight to drenching rain and water (equivalent of 12 inches of rain per hour)
  2. Supports 55.5 LBS of canopy pressure (equivalent to 18” of snow)
  3. GenTent operates and remained attached and undamaged at sustained wind speeds of ≥70 MPH from all four sides
  4. No discernable temperature difference of the generator, attributable to the GenTent, was found during operation
  5. GenTent did not impede the generator air intake in any significant way
  6. GenTent product materials will not auto-ignite even when exposed to high temperature surfaces typical of a hot muffler

Need More Proof?  See what Customers are Saying: