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Cover Your Generator While It’s Running

Your portable generator is a reliable and easy-to-use power source with many applications, but severe weather significantly reduces its usability. We’ve got good news—you can cover your generator while it’s running. Prepare your portable generator for extreme weather while maintaining portability with a GenTent generator tent. 

Rain, snow, lighting and other severe weather can damage a generator, but keeping the generator in your garage, even with the door open, can increase your danger of carbon monoxide exposure. A generator tent allows you to safely store your power source outside, even in inclement weather. With an operational generator tent, you can cover your generator while it’s running and keep it safe from wind, rain, and snow. We offer different types of covers for generators of all types and sizes.

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Waterproof Generator Rain Cover and Accessories

GenTent provides various accessories to help keep your generator running while it’s covered, ensuring that it’s safe from any weather event. Whether you want to be prepared if your house loses power during a severe storm or you need a safe and portable power source for your RV, we have a tent to serve your needs. Here are the products we offer:

  • Portable generator tents: These tents attach to the vertical frame posts of generators ranging from 70 to 104 inches in perimeter. You can choose from a direct connect kit or a universal kit depending on the needs and size of your generator.
  • Inverter generator tents: Inverter generators often lack posts, so this kit includes a ratcheting strap system and adjustable rods to fit generators ranging from 45 to 120 inches in perimeter.
  • Larger generator tents: If you have a larger generator with a perimeter of 100 to 128 inches, you can use these tents to attach to vertical posts and provide shelter for your power source.
  • Accessories and spare parts: From storage bags to additional mounting hardware and even skirts for outside generator storage, GenTent carries everything you need for your generator.

About Our Generator Covers

GenTent assembles American-made generator covers that protect your equipment from weather damage by keeping it covered while running. These tents include a marine grade vinyl material that covers all electrical elements. They also use fiberglass rods with a self-attaching mounting system to hold the tent in place by connecting to your generator's frame. The material is flame resistant and can withstand temperatures ranging from as low as minus 45 to as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The design of these generator covers allows heat to escape during operation, so your generator does not break down or overheat while covered. You can disassemble the generator cover in minutes when you're not using it to aid in portability. Whether you run a food truck or work on multiple construction sites, you can bring your generator and its cover wherever you go.

Why Buy an Outdoor Generator Cover From GenTent?

At GenTent, our top priority is keeping you safe, not just selling products. We use high-quality materials and independent testing to verify your generator will operate safely while protected with a GenTent cover. If you want the best running generator cover on the market, we have your answer. 

Here are a few more reasons to choose GenTent:

  • Easy shopping experience: Enter your generator make and model above, and we'll suggest the best product for your needs.
  • Proven safety: This product was engineered for safety and tested in severe storms to verify its performance.
  • Award-winning design: Our tents are accepted by the Portable Generator Manufacturers Association and have won other awards demonstrating quality.

Find Peace of Mind With GenTent Safety Canopies

Since 2011, GenTent has produced quality products that keep you and your generator safe in severe weather. Contact us to learn more, or enter your generator make and model above to buy your cover today.

Award Winning

GenTent is recognized as an industry leader and award winning product in trade shows and publications!

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