In a 2005 report specific to Portable Generator Safety, the Consumer Product Safety Commission outlined the issues with running portable generators in wet weather. The CPSC research concludes that portable generator usage tied to CO poisoning is directly related to people attempting to keep their generators out of wet weather.  Outlined as the top safety concern, and referred to as “Weatherization”, providing a wet weather solution is the number one risk mitigation listed in this report.

CPSC press secretary Patty Davis wrote in an email to NPR that portable generators can cause fires, electrocutions and carbon monoxide poisoning and that the latter causes "by far the greatest numbers of deaths".


The most recent reporting data for CO Poisoning can be found here. This report attributes 91% of the fatalities in the category to portable generators.  It is imperative that consumers understand the risks of these tools, where the CPSC report estimates that one 5,000w generator emits the same amount of carbon monoxide as ~450 cars!


In the last several years, the CPSC has partnered with the Portable Generator Manufacturers Association (PGMA) to bring new carbon monoxide sensor standards to market, as well as to promote the Take it Outside™ consumer awareness campaign. 


Awareness and education are fantastic first steps, at GenTent safety is a focus in all of our efforts.  We strive to provide a product solution and continued support to keep your home, investment and family protected when you need it most.