Can You Run Your Portable Generator in Rain or Wet Weather?

Most people know carbon monoxide poisoning makes generators unsafe to use indoors. Thousands of people get sick, cause damage to their homes, or die each year as a result of running a portable generator to close to their homes.


So what if there is rain or snow outside? Consumers are left without a solution to run their emergency power in a snow storm, hurricane, or prolonged outage.


The threat of poisoning has now become an electrocution or damage risk. The costs are deadly.


That is where GenTent comes in.  GenTent Safety Canopies allow portable generators to run safely in nearly any wet weather by self-attaching to portable and inverter generators.


Guidance from Generator Manufacturers

Every generator manufacturer states two very important warnings on the first pages of their manuals:

Do NOT run your generator indoors.

Do NOT run your generator in rain, snow, or on a wet surface.

CPSC Presentation on CO Poisoning

CPSC press secretary Patty Davis wrote in an email to NPR that portable generators can cause fires, electrocutions and carbon monoxide poisoning and that the latter causes "by far the greatest numbers of deaths". The most recent reporting data here.

Portable Generator Manufacturer's Association

GenTent is a proud member of the Portable Generator Manufacturers Association, helping to develop and influence safety and performance standards for industry products. Find out more about the PGMA.

PGMA Take it Outside Fact Sheet

A primary focus of the PGMA is the Take it Outside Campaign, which illustrates the importance of portable generator safety, outlining the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and electrocution when used improperly.

OSHA Portable Generator Fact Sheet

OSHA Standards state clearly how to run your generator safely: "Keep a generator dry; do not use it in the rain or wet conditions. If needed, protect a generator with a canopy."

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Compare the alternatives, and we are sure you will choose GenTent to run your portable generator safely in wet weather.  GenTent Safety Canopies will protect your portable generator and your family: