About GenTent Safety Canopies

Thank you for your interest in GenTent Safety Canopies. Established in November 2011, GenTent created a new market category introducing the first Portable Generator Tent and running cover. GenTent Safety Canopies LLC is located in southern New Hampshire, tucked away near the Pawtuckaway Mountains approximately halfway between Manchester, NH and Portsmouth, NH.


The GenTent® product line launched in March 2012, providing a solution to an often overlooked issue during power outages; how do you safely run your portable generator in wet weather? We hope you'll agree that GenTent solves this issue, providing a high quality, long-lasting, product for your portable or inverter generator! The GenTent team's relentless pursuit of excellence has been awarded with thousands of 5-star ratings, extraordinary independent claims testing results, 1st in Show at the National Hardware Show, and multiple patents including U.S. Patent 8,997,769 titled Canopy For Portable Electrical Device.

Our belief system is built on a base of common sense and integrity:

  • Successful leadership empowers employees who understand who their customers are, and that customers come first. This drives active listening and action, which in turn results in quality, innovation and great products. Done right, the company flourishes.
  • Respect the balance between the needs of the business and the needs of the individual. Our employees are our most important strategic asset.
  • American Innovation leads the world. We are problem solvers when we choose to be. No challenge is too great for us to overcome.
  • There is only room for integrity and responsible business practices.
Mark strongly believes that "An idea is an invitation to take action" and that we should carefully choose which invitations to accept. You can contact us by phone 781-33G-TENT (781-334-8368) or email, and a member of our team will respond!

Owner / Inventor / CEO

Director of Sales & Marketing

Supply Chain Manager

Marketing & Creative Manager

Brand Strategist

Direct Sales Lead

Office Manager

Ecommerce Merchandising Specialist

Warehouse Lead

Sales Support Specialist

Warehouse Associate

CMO (Chief Morale Officer)

GenTent Offices

In 2021, GenTent opened the new office and warehouse facility.  The move took the team from a small private shop to a building supporting kitting, manufacturing, fulfillment, sales and operations.

GenTent Safety Canopies, LLC

99 Pine Road

Brentwood, NH, 03833