Running Covers for Larger Generators

Your generator often needs to run in severe weather, including lightning storms and blizzards. These weather events may damage your generator, pose an electrocution risk and electrical fires if your generator lacks the proper protection. The GenTent system keeps your generator safe from severe weather while providing adequate ventilation to prevent it from overheating. 

If you own a 10,000- to 28,000-watt generator with a perimeter of over 100 inches, our GenTent XL kit is the right option for you. This tent fits generators with perimeters ranging from 105 to 128 inches. The XL kit fits generators with round tubular vertical frame posts with GenTent Self Attaching Clamps. The kit also includes adapters for greater compatibility with square tubular frames. 

Advantages of GenTent Covers

GenTent covers provide simple and trustworthy protection for running generators. They are American-made for the best quality and offer benefits like:

  • Heavy-duty frame: The tent's rods use a particular casting method for added strength, withstanding winds up to 70 miles per hour and snow loads up to 55 pounds. 
  • Rain and snow protection: Our waterproof generator covers use military-grade vinyl with sealed seams to keep moisture from reaching your generator, even when storms drop up to 12 inches of rain every hour.
  • Heat safety: The cover uses a unique ventilated design to keep your generator from overheating. All system components are flame retardant for added protection.
  • Easy setup: Clamp the system to your generator, add the frame and install the cover — you'll have lasting protection through any storm in just three steps.

Protect Your Power

Independent testing has confirmed all the safety and product durability claims for GenTent products, meaning you can trust this system to protect your generator. Our company has 10 years of experience making and improving this running cover for your generator, so you can rely on our expertise. Use our Advanced Fit Finder to find a GenTent that matches your needs.

For Larger Portable Generator

typically over 100" perimeter and 10kw
  • Round or Squared Vertical Frame Posts accommodated with this kit typically inverter generators with no posts
  • Blocked Frame Posts from Muffler Heat Shield, Lower Electric Panel, etc.
  • Generator Perimeter Ranging from 105"-128"
  • Uses GenTent Self Attaching Clamps to Attach Directly to Vertical Posts (Adapters also Included)
From $184.99

Clamp It, Frame it and Cover it in three easy steps to WeatherProof your Power™!