GenTent or the Alternatives?

GenTent is the result of finding no viable, affordable products that would allow safely running a generator in rain or wet weather. Patented & Engineered to withstand hurricane force precipitation, 70 MPH forecast winds, and an 18” snow load. Independently tested by third party labs, generator manufacturers, and storm proven by the biggest hurricanes and storm systems these last several years. GenTent is the only engineered product on the market today that keeps generators safe to use and protected from damage, in rain and severe wet weather.

GenTent is not the only available option for generator protection, but it is important to compare the quality, ratings, cost and time benefits of the available solutions:

The typical portable generator large enough to provide emergency home backup power, or an inverter class quiet generator used for recreation and on the job site ranges from $800 - $4,000 on the high side. Most homeowners will spend between $1000 and $1800 for a ready-to-go emergency backup portable generator, transfer switch and outdoor outlet, fully installed.

GenTent has been carefully engineered to be a relatively small percentage of your overall portable generator investment. GenTent keeps your portable generator portable and ensures that it can run safely in nearly any wet weather. All the potential alternatives come up short in quality, performance, or are drastically more expensive. Want to learn more? Give us a call or chat!