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GenTent is committed to ongoing development, product improvement, and customer satisfaction.

The GenTent is a proven performance product - in both independent lab scenarios and in every major storm since 2011.  Our drive to improve and field new products is an ongoing effort to not only enhance our offerings but to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs. GenTent Labs focuses on product advancement while driving out both cost & complexity for the end user.

GenTent Upgrades Strap System

In August 2020, GenTent made upgrades to our Kevlar ratchet strap system to accommodate the newest larger inverter class generators.  With a total length of now 124", GenTent inverter kits can mount on inverters up to 9,000 watts!

GenTent Improves Clamping System

In July 2020, GenTent made changes to our clamping system to increase the strength and durability of our product. In updating the material and mold, we have eliminated the need for specialty rubber pads for select models, and can now accommodate all frame thicknesses with our single sleeve


Additionally, with the increase in strength of the clamp and thus no longer requiring the washers.  The washer is now flashed on to the tightening knob.

GenTent Develops Portable Generator Folding Handle Kit

In March 2020, GenTent announced the release of their newest portable generator accessory, the Portable Generator Folding Handles Kit, a direct mounting, adjustable, folding handles kit fitting thousands of different portable generators. The newest GenTent accessory allows customers to replace their existing fixed handles that block the GenTent canopy and electrical aprons from making a watertight fit; or offer an upgrade to most portable generator handles in strength and ease of use.

The GenTent handles can accommodate round or square tubular frames from 1" to 1.5" easily, allowing them to be outfitted to smaller generators as well as larger whole house sized portable generators. The intent as is always to ensure that the GenTent can help keep hundreds of generators which were previously disqualified for use, SAFE. You can learn more about the Folding Handles system here and read the original press release here

GenTent Upgrades Mounting Hardware for Strap System

In March 2018, GenTent Safety Canopies announced the release of the upgraded inverter hardware kits. The newest iterations utilize the new Gator Grommet component piece, increasing the strength and simplifying the installation process for these kits. The design was inspired by customer feedback, and intended to minimize the number of additional pieces the consumers we need to install. With the mindset that our product breakthroughs should not come at an additional cost to the customer, we were proud to offer the upgraded kits AND drop the price of our standard hardware. You can read the original press release here

GenTent Prototypes the GenTent "3K" - Smaller Unit Concept

Showing at the 2017 National Hardware Show, GenTent Safety Canopies displayed the GenTent 3K concept in both standard vinyl fabric and in a vinyl backed camouflage fabric we have begun testing. The idea behind the GenTent 3K is to outfit very small open framed generators whose length and width are too small for the GenTent original sized canopies; as well as for very small inverter generators that are small enough to be toted around.


These inverter generators are typically 3000W or smaller.  The development of the GenTent 3K is ongoing, but is still in prototype and testing phase.

GenTent Developing Alternate Colors and Patterns

GenTent is continuously trying to service the needs and demands of our customers. We have several camouflage patterns in prototype, and have developed concepts for additional color options, including some for portable generator manufacturers. As we grow, the likelihood of expanding to additional colors and patterns grows too, but paramount in those efforts is that we are meeting our customer demand.


As we continue to develop concepts and patterns, we bring them to the customers for their input. Feel free to drop us a note at the bottom of this page with your product feedback or request for colors or patterns.

GenTent Offers Custom Options for Private Labels

 In October 2016, GenTent entered into an OEM agreement with Champion Power Equipment to manufacture and develop the Champion Storm Shield. 

The Storm Shield is developed in Champion's standard yellow pallet, and expands our product offering with one of the largest portable generator manufacturers worldwide.


As of 2018 GenTent provides Champion with both an open frame mounting solution and for full enclosed inverters. You can find both here, or more about our Covered by GenTent white label program here.


GenTent Develops Solution for Inverter Generators

When GenTent was first developed, the design was intended primarily for open framed portable generators. Shortly after coming to market, there was a customer demand for a covering option for fully encased inverter generators. In April 2015, GenTent announced the release of GenTent Inverter kit, a mounting wet-weather canopy system for ensuring safe, outdoor inverter class or fully enclosed inverter generators operations in virtually any wet weather condition. Leading the design, Mark Carpenter, the CEO and Inventor of GenTent, developed a mounting system which would attach to these fully encased generators, while maintaining the safety specifications of previous models. You can learn more about the GenTent inverter system here and read the original press release here

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