GenTent Clamp Replacement Kit


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The GenTent self attaching clamp allows you to directly attach to your open frame generator's existing frame - keeping your generator portable!

The GenTent Clamp Replacement Kit hardware provides a spare or replacement:

  • Main clamping section x4
  • Telescoping rod section x4
  • Rubber sleeve x4
  • Carriage bolt x4
  • Self-locking knob x4
  • Ring Pin x4


*Compatible with legacy hardware kits: GenTent Direct Connect, GenTent Universal, GenTent 4U, GenTent 1U, GenTent BGC, & GenTent Ridgid Kit.

  • Clamps: Polycarbonate FR3
  • Rubber Sleeves: EPDM
  • Bolts: Stainless Steel
  • Self-Locking Knob: Nylon
  • Clamp clip: Nylon
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 5 star image