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January, 2023
Best Food Truck Generator to Keep Your Business Powered
" cannot merely use the generator outside without some sort of protection. I recommend using a GenTent Safety Canopy, it will protect the generator against rain and snow." - Gio Sasso -


ABC WMUR News 9 - Fire Safety - GenTent Spotlight - December, 2022

Yahoo News!
August, 2022
How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season
"It's genius, installs in minutes, and it goes right over your generator allowing you have it rain, and snow, and up to 70 MPH winds" - Skip Bedell

FOX Weather - Generators can be a Lifeline During Hurricane Season - Skip Bedell - August, 2022

FOX & Friends - Emergency Power Options for Hurricane Season - Skip Bedell - August, 2022
July, 2022
The Best Generator Accessories to Make Your Unit Even More Useful
"A “running” cover like this one from GenTent does both, protecting your valuable generator from rain, snow, and wind, while providing the airflow necessary to run your generator safely and effectively." - Alex Rennie -
July, 2022
How to Run a Portable Generator Safely Whether in Rain, Snow or Wet Weather
"...a good cover, it helps protect the generator from elements. At the same time, you can still operate it safely. It can act to waterproof and protect places in the machine where you do not want to become wet." -

FOX Weather
June, 2022
GenTent- FOX Weather National Rebroadcast
Meteorologist John Dawson Reviews GenTent for the Hurricane Gear Test

FOX 26 Houston - GenTent - Hurricane Gear Test - John Dawson June, 2022
May, 2022
How to Run a Generator in the Rain or Snow? – Safety Tips 2022
"Protective Tent Covers: This is another popular choice by most generator owners. This allows you to ensure the portability of the generator while providing the necessary safety. They do not hinder the airflow and help in refueling. These covers will keep the generator safe from any moisture. You will find them mostly in dome structures with flexible poles and straps bracing down the corners to ensure a safe fit." - Jonathan -
April, 2022
Can You Run a Generator in the Rain?
"'Operational cover' is the term used to describe a generator cover that protects the generator while it is being operated. This is distinct from a cover that can only be used when the generator is off, because an operational cover needs appropriate ventilation to allow for proper use without overheating. An operational cover can be used in tandem with a generator running in light to heavy rainstorms to provide power to the home or to the campsite." - Timothy Dale -
March, 2022
5 Generator Safety Tips that Will Save Your Life
"The best solution is a generator tent — a tent designed to protect the generator from rain, snow, and ice in winds up to hurricane force. These small tents fasten directly to the generator frame and move with the generator. They have openings for refueling and the control panel, and allow exhaust to escape and fresh air to enter." - Norwall Power Systems -
February, 2022
Best Portable Generator Covers While Running Outside
"Our Top Pick - GenTent Running Cover... Withstanding winds up to 70mph, hurricane precipitation of 12” per day, and protecting your generator from a total of 18 inches (55lbs) of snow, the super heavy-duty double-layered vinyl couldn’t be more effective." - Jeremiah Pike -

July, 2021
The Best Generator Covers of 2021
"...its innovative design and durability make it one of the best options for providing comprehensive protection for a generator while in use or storage." - Tony Carrick -

That Nomadic Couple - GenTent 10K Storm Bracer Unboxing February, 2021

December, 2020
8 Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid When Firing Up Your Generator This Winter
" a cover made specifically for generators." - Lisa Marie Conklin -

The Providence Journal
August, 2020
How to use a generator
"You can also find manufactured generator coverings online, from brands like GenTent" - Grace Dickinson - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Studio RAY - Preparing my Honda SI 7000W Inverter Generator with Gentent Cover for Tropical Storm "Isaias" August, 2020

Airstream MTB - GenTent 10K Generator Tent Running Cover August, 2020
June, 2020
GenTent Review: Will This Cover Protect Your Generator?
"We loved that the GenTent cover can stand up to almost any weather conditions. Best of all, it maintains the portability of your generator so you don’t have to compromise your plans based on the weather" - Thomas -

Popular Mechanics
April, 2020
How to Safely Use a Home Generator
" a manufactured cover to run your generator in inclement weather, such as a GenTent." - Roy Berendsohn - Popular Mechanics

Studio RAY - Video Review March, 2020
March, 2020
4 Best Generator Shelters to Protect Your Generator from the Elements
"... durable and versatile generator tent to cover generators of up to 10,000 watts and above and run them in rain or snow conditions" - Thomas -

Houston Chronicle
February, 2020
Safety first: Use gas-powered generators with care
"...put your generator under a generator-specific tent for protection, but do not leave it out in the rain." - Diane Cowen - Houston Chronicle
February, 2020
Most Efficient, Portable Generator Cover For All Weather Conditions
"...the Gentent product is an excellent and most effective cover, guaranteed to keep any generator running well, regardless of the vagaries of weather." - Alexey P. -


No Gripe DIY - Video Review November, 2019

Generator Advisor
August, 2019
Portable Generator Shelter – Protection from Rain and Snow
"GenTent is definitely the most portable and affordable option ." - Craig Miller -

Reading Eagle
March, 2019
10 tips for safer winter generator usage
"Keep the generator dry. Do not use a generator in wet conditions. Cover and vent a generator. Model-specific tents or generator covers can be found online for purchase and at home centers and hardware stores."
March, 2019
Carefully cover your generator to keep it dry
"Last summer I set up the GenTent on my inverter generator, and it worked perfectly." - Timothy Fowler, RVwest
February, 2019
Safe to operate my generator in the rain? No, moisture exposure ruins it
"GenTents are well constructed, well tested, easy to install and work perfectly to keep driving rain out of your generator, eliminating risk of shorts to electronics and you." - Timothy Fowler, RIDERSWEST

November, 2018
10 Tips for Safer Winter Generator Usage for Home & Business Owners
"Keep the generator dry. Do not use a generator in wet conditions. Cover and vent a generator. Model-specific tents or generator covers can be found online for purchase and at home centers and hardware stores." - Ami Neiberger-Miller, Four Leaf PR on behalf of OPEI
July, 2018
GenTent Generator Cover Review
"...we highly recommend the GenTent portable generator shelter for those who need a generator cover while running their generator." - Kelly Beasley,

Hardware Retailing Magazine
May, 2018
Generator Canopy
"The GenTent Safety Canopies product line allows the running of portable and inverter generators safely in wet weather." Chad Husted, Hardware Retailing Magazine

March, 2018
Smart Home Update: 3 Cool Solutions That Deserve Your Attention
"Just about every portable generator is compatible with GenTent. It’s a product that every safety-minded portable generator owner should have." Mark Vena, Straight talk from Moor Insights & Strategy tech industry analysts

February, 2018
GenTent Covers Your Generator In Rain, Sleet, And Snow
"Ultimately, the GenTent helps protect an investment that, when you need it, you’ll probably really need it." Chris Boll, OPE Reviews

Pro Tool Reviews
February, 2018
GenTent Review: All-Weather Cover for Your Portable Generator
"GenTent is an effective cover to keep your generator running in nearly all weather conditions" Kenny Koehler, Pro Tool Reviews


Generator Grid
November, 2017
How to run a portable generator in wet weather, rain or snow
"The GenTent canopy protects and waterproofs all of the sensitive areas that you don’t want to get wet." Generator Grid

Sound Advice
October, 2017
Home backup power with the Briggs & Stratton QuietPower Q6500 Inverter Generator...
"Generators run at high voltages and have a lot of sensitive parts, and the GenTent Safety Canopy will help keep it out of the elements" Don Lindich, Sound Advice

Love Your RV!
April, 2017
GenTent Portable Generator Safety Canopy Review for RVers
"I give the GenTent 10k XKi Stormbracer a Love Your RV thumbs up. It will be a welcome addition to our boondocking arsenal and for times when nasty weather knocks out the RV park power." Love Your RV!

Tool to Power!
January, 2017
For Generator Safety, GenTent Has You Covered
"Stellar reviews on Tool to Power don’t come easy. But GenTent launched its product line months before Superstorm Sandy clobbered the northeast, and the company has only grown since. From our hands-on assessment, we can see why." Ed Perratore, Tool to Power!


Consumer Reports
November, 2016
Portable Generators Would Become Safer Under Proposed New Rules
"Never run a generator in a garage or shed even with the doors open. Don’t let it run in the rain unless it’s covered by a model-specific tent, designed to shield the unit from the elements while still allowing it to vent properly." Paul Hope, Consumer Reports

Tool to Power September, 2016
The Pitfalls of Quickie Generator Purchases

RV & Resort Magazine July, 2016
GenTent Keeps Your Generator Dry, You Safe

North American Clean Energy July, 2016
Pg 35, Weatherproof Safety Canopy

Building Management Hawaii June, 2016
Page 20 - 10 Tips for Safely Using a Portable Generator

Speedway Media April, 2016
The Silent Killer that Surrounds Us

Industrial Hygiene News April, 2016
New Products Information

Weekend Handyman April, 2016

50 Campfires March, 2016
GenTent Safety Canopies Overview

WMUR TV NH Chronicle Bright Ideas January, 2016

2015 November, 2015
Generator Covers & Enclosures - Are They Necessary? October, 2015
Keeping your power dry with GenTent

GulfCoastNewsToday.Com September, 2015
County man helps neighbors weather the storm

PlanetGenerators.Com July, 2015
Portable Generator Safety Tips July, 2015
GenTent Safety Canopies

Trailer Life Magazine July, 2015 Print and Online Edition
Products What's New - GenTent Achieves "Product Spotlight" with article Tent Amping

Weekend Handyman June 29, 2015

TailGater Magazine July, 2015 Edition
Page 72, NHS Round Up - GenTent 10k XKi

Outdoor Power Equipment June, 2015 Online and Print
Page 28, Equipment Focus

Canadian Homes and Cottages June, 2015 Print Edition
Page 63, News of Note, Safety Canopies

Mom Blog Society June 8, 2015
Give Dad a Special Gift This Father's Day

ToolSkool May 31, 2015
Introducing GenTent Safety Canopies

Carey Brothers On The House May 10, 2015
Portable Safety Canopies to Protect Portable Generators

Oser Communications Group May 7, 2015
GenTent Helps Stimulate the US Economy (page 14)

Oser Communications Group May 6, 2015
GenTent XKI For Inverter Generators (page 46)

RV PRO April 29, 2015
GenTent Debuts New Generator Canopy

Woodall's Campground Management April 15, 2015
GenTent Stands Up To Hurricanes, Blizzards

The Daily Register March 25, 2015
Campaign for emergency generators underway

Concrete Construction March 20, 2015
Concrete Construction Jobsite Safety

2014 February 24, 2014
GenTent 10k Portable Generator Enclosure!

New Research warns world to prepare for power outages January 27, 2014
Science Daily power outage research

Before 2014

Portable Generator Reviews January 20, 2013
How to Safely Store a Generator Outside