GenTent Fully Encased Inverter Installation Videos

Strap It, Frame It, Cover it!

These videos illustrate how to install the GenTent on your inverter or fully encased generator. Our recommended techniques are provided throughout the videos along with details for each component. These videos are organized in the order you will need for your initial installation.

Please Note: Our product may have changed since this video was made, and we are currently working to update this content.  For questions please contact us.

Introduction to the Inverter Kit and Angle Brace Setup.

Strapping Angle Braces to the Inverter Case.

Install the Extender Arms.

Install the Frame Rods.

Install the GenTent Canopy and Electrical Apron.

Helpful Additional Clips

Loosen & Adjust Your Ratchet Strap.

Disassemble Extender Arms and Angle Braces.

Uninstall the Inverter Kit.

Some Inverters have an exhaust above the height of the electrical panel (like the Honda EU3000iS).  In this case, you must install the Angle Braces at different heights on the exhaust side as compared to the electrical panel side, to ensure the exhaust is venting out under the canopy.  The result will be a sloped GenTent canopy. Click here to learn more about a high exhaust setup.