Must Have Generator Accessories

Posted by Cassandra P. on Jul 14th 2023

Must-Have Generator Accessories

A generator is a valuable investment for many purposes, from powering your home during an outage to running a food truck or RV. Once you purchase your generator, you can improve its function and safety by adding portable generator accessories. Here's a list of generator attachments and parts to consider buying. 

Practical Power Items

Your generator provides a reliable power source, but you must funnel energy from the generator to your house. Adding these power items will make your generator serve you better.

Power Cords

You will need long, durable cords to carry power from your generator to your home. Invest in heavy-duty extension cords to do the job. Your best option is a convenience cord with multiple connections to keep you from a mass of tangled wires leaving your generator. 

When you walk into any hardware store or browse an online shop, it only takes seconds to realize there are hundreds of extension cord options. These tips will help you choose the best one for your needs:

  • Make sure the cord is long enough to reach from your generator to everything that needs to be powered.
  • Keep your generator 20 feet away from your home according to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidance — your cord should allow for that distance.
  • Choose a heavy-duty and low-gauge cord to handle the generator's wattage and perform as expected.
  • Find one that is easily stored and brightly colored, so it's easy to find at a moment's notice. 

Power Transfer Switch System

Add convenience during a power outage using a transfer switch system to wire a generator directly to your house. This system allows you to control built-in electrical components like heating, making it an invaluable tool when the unexpected strikes. It also makes switching to generator power more convenient and safer, as a power transfer system lets you use fewer, higher-rated extension cords to get the job done. 

Smart Management Modules

Connect these devices to individual circuits and assign each a priority level. When the generator runs, power will first go to the highest-priority items and power lower-priority devices with any excess energy. 

Accessories and Add-On Attachments

These generator parts connect to the generator body, making it easier to move or operate.

Moving Handles

Make your generator more convenient to move by attaching folding handles to the frame. These handles create stable holds for moving your heavy generator. By replacing your existing fixed handles with folding capabilities, you can store these handles when not in use to avoid adding bulk to your generator frame. 


Keep your emergency power source safe by investing in a chain lock. Attach it to the generator frame and loop it around a structure to hold your generator in place. Locks are recommended only during storage or when your generator is not running. Do not keep a running generator close or locked to any structures, as this is a safety risk for fire, electrocution and carbon monoxide exposure and poisoning.

Supplemental Fuel Tank

Your generator can run longer without refilling fuel when you add a tank. During inclement weather, you'll appreciate staying inside and letting the second tank provide consistent power.

Wheel Kits

Upgrade your portable generator with an aftermarket wheel kit for effortless mobility and convenience. A wheel kit enhances maneuverability for your portable generator, making it easier to move around.

Performance and Maintenance Gear

Performance and maintenance equipment ensures your generator operates at peak output and provides a consistent source of power. By outfitting your generator with this gear, you'll be prepared to service your equipment and get it running if it breaks down. 

Generator Monitoring System

Some generators have built-in monitoring systems or heads-up displays, but if yours does not, adding one lets you check in on your generator without going outside. You attach the device to your generator and check your smartphone, tablet or laptop to monitor for issues or service needs, so you always have power during an outage. 

Fuel Stabilizer

When you're not using your generator, use a stabilizer to keep the fuel fresh and avoid wasting gas or harming your generator. Between uses, add a stabilizer and store fuel in a separate gas container to avoid damaging the tank.

Cold Weather Kit

Chilly weather often creates issues that might prevent your generator from starting. A cold weather kit, often called a “breather kit,” will keep your generator running even as temperatures drop. These kits include synthetic oil and a battery warmer to prevent damage from freezing temperatures. 

NFPA-Rated Generator Tent Covers

Electricity and water don't mix, but the power often fails during inclement weather. A running generator cover protects your equipment from rain, snow and wind while providing proper ventilation. Commonly referred to as generator tents, these products also shelter your generator as you store it away when not in use. Recently, the CPSC expanded its guidance to recommend the use of generator tents for portable generators.

Turn to GenTent for Generator Covers and Accessories

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