Must Have Camping Supplies

Posted by Rachel F. on Jun 8th 2023

10 Must-Have Camping Supplies

Camping preparation is essential to planning your next camping trip. Whether camping for a weekend or an entire week, a camping supplies list ensures you pack everything you need for a successful outdoor trip. From the basics to comfort items, here are several must-have camping gear items to pack.

1. Extension Cords

Extension cords are a universal must-have, though this is especially true when camping. It's unrealistic to expect everything to be able to set up where you want it and still reach your power source. Extension cords provide extra length to your power cords so you can plug your gear in from anywhere in your campsite. They range in length from less than 10 feet to over 200 feet, allowing you to easily find a cord that will meet your needs.

2. Portable Chargers

Whether charging your phone, camera battery or headlamp, portable chargers are necessary to ensure your devices have power. The ability to charge your devices and gear while camping is crucial so you're always prepared. For example, if your headlamp dies during a sunrise hike, you'll likely struggle to find your way, and you won't have light for the rest of your camping trip.

Remember that even your portable chargers must be recharged after a few uses. If you have a charging port with several plugs in it, you can charge multiple things at once.

3. Music and Entertainment

While many campers enjoy giving their phones and devices a break while out in the woods, camping without music and entertainment is difficult in a world where we're all connected. For example, you may need to stay in touch with family or work remotely. In these cases, you'll need devices like your phone and computer.

Music and entertainment options may not be the reason you spend your time camping, though you can use them during downtime or poor weather. Having a TV while RV camping in the rain provides the perfect way to wait for the rain to pass.

4. Flashlights and Lamps

Once it gets dark in the woods, you won't have light until the sun starts coming up the next morning. Flashlights, headlamps and lanterns are essential to getting around and seeing after dark.

Flashlights may come to mind first, and while they're effective, you have to carry them in your hand, which can be inconvenient when trying to do other things. Headlamps are hands-free, making them preferable for hiking and other tasks in the dark.

Lanterns, string lights and other lamps illuminate your campsite and create a cozy atmosphere. These lights are ideal for gathering around the table to play games or maneuvering the site late at night.

5. Mini Fridge

Mini fridges or portable fridges are perfect for keeping all your food and drinks cold outdoors, especially on extended camping trips. Coolers are effective for quick camping trips, though after a day or two, the ice will melt, and your food won't stay cold. With a mini fridge, your food can be better organized and stay cool for longer if you keep it plugged in.

Many RVs are equipped with a mini fridge, though a portable fridge can make tent camping a bit more luxurious. Portable fridges look much like coolers, except they run on electricity to keep the contents cool.

6. Appliances

Appliances like coffee makers, microwaves or air fryers can enhance your camping experience and simplify cooking in the great outdoors. Start your morning with a cup of coffee next to the campfire or air fry some chicken for dinner. Nearly any camping appliance can be added to your RV or campsite depending on available space and your desired camping experience.

7. Camp Stove and Cookware

While you can do some cooking over the fire, you'll likely need a camp stove for easier and safer cooking. The key here is portability, as you'll need to easily move and store your stove when it's not in use. Camp stoves can be electric, propane or wood-fueled, allowing you to find a stove that fits your camping needs.

In addition to your camp stove, you'll need camping cookware and utensils. Reusable plates, silverware, storage containers and pans help reduce waste and are worth the investment if you plan to camp often. Collapsible cookware breaks down to be more compact for storage.

8. Portable Power Tools

Portable power tools can come in handy while camping. Power tools like a leaf blower or drill are items you may not initially consider bringing camping, though you may wish you had them. For example, if you get to your campsite and it's covered in leaves, twigs and other debris, a blower helps you quickly clean up and make space for your gear. 

9. Heater or Fan

A heater or fan is a must-have for when the weather is a little too cold or hot. They can be pretty small, especially if you're camping in a tent, as the small space will heat up or circulate air easily. Plus, a smaller size is easier to store. A fan is also useful for drowning out any sounds outside that may keep you up at night.

If you're RV camping, you may even have an air conditioner to take comfort to the next level.

10. Portable Outdoor Generator

A portable generator is necessary if you need to power anything, such as your camp stove, fan or anything else on this list. Suppose you need to know how to power a camper off-grid — a generator can run your camper wherever you're camping. You can plug in string lights or a lamp, charge your electronics or power up kitchen appliances. Even tent campers can add a generator to their camping supplies list for increased outdoor comfort and abilities. 

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