Most Common Uses for Portable Generators

Posted by Laren L. on Nov 29th 2023

Most Common Uses for Portable Generators

It's no surprise that portable generators are one of the most common backup power sources. They are valuable assets for residential and commercial settings alike, supplying much-needed electricity in case of a routine or unplanned outage. Many industries can benefit from generators, from mining and construction to health care and agriculture.

Portable generators can also fulfill various recreational uses. They can provide lights and music for a variety of events, including weddings, sports games and carnivals. Keep reading to explore some common applications for portable generators.

7 Popular Portable Generator Uses

Whether emergency or recreational generators, these portable units can serve an array of purposes. Consider these examples.

1. Construction

Construction crews rely on a variety of tools and machinery each day, such as:

  • Table saws
  • Drills
  • Nail guns
  • Grinders
  • Air compressors
  • Paint sprayers

Construction generators are crucial for powering essential equipment during outages. Additionally, portable generators can power large lighting systems for projects that require working underground or at night.

2. Camping

When using a portable generator for camping, you can power various devices such as a small fan or heater, phone, laptop, lights, camp stove or an electric skillet. You can also power an electric fillet knife for freshly caught fish. If a few modern conveniences would improve your camping experience, you'll enjoy charging your phone or keeping beverages cold in a mini fridge in the middle of the woods.

Inverter generators are a go-to for camping since they're compact, lightweight and easy to transport.

3. Emergency Power

Mother Nature is incredibly fickle. Depending on where you live, an outage could occur at any time due to a blizzard, thunderstorm or other natural disasters.

When your power unexpectedly goes out, a portable generator allows essential devices — such as heaters, air conditioning units, lights and refrigerators — to continue operating as usual. A generator can provide convenience, comfort and safety when an unforeseen outage strikes your home or business.

In fact, having a generator for a storm can be critical for you and everyone else inside the building. Even something as simple as a space heater during a snowstorm can be life-saving.

4. Routine Outages

A portable generator can also keep you on track during a planned or non-emergency outage. If you only experience one or two routine outages each year, you might consider a small, portable unit for the necessities — such as fans, refrigerators and other minor appliances — until the power kicks back on.

5. Mining

Similar to construction, the mining industry depends on electricity for smooth, efficient operations and material transportation. A generator can power various tools, such as drills, shovels and saws. Additionally, it can provide substantial light for miners to work in tunnels deep underground.

6. Events

Portable generators are common pieces of equipment for a variety of recreational uses and activities, including:

  • Sporting events: Games rely on electricity for scoreboards, lights and speakers.
  • Carnivals and fairs: Portable generators can help power games, rides, lights, music, loudspeakers, and popcorn and cotton candy machines.
  • Family events: Whether it's a wedding, cookout or family reunion, portable generators come in handy for devices like food warmers, coffee makers, photo booths, DJ equipment and dance floor lighting.

7. Farming Operations

Farms need a reliable backup power source for various activities, such as powering lights, heaters, fans and other machinery. For instance, dairy farms require functional equipment to milk cows and maintain proper temperatures for milk.

Power is necessary to provide comfortable, livable conditions for animals. A loss of power can translate to a loss of animals and revenue. Additionally, machines may need to be repaired and restarted often, setting back operations and productivity. The stakes are high in the agricultural industry, making a quality portable generator a must-have.

Choose GenTent Safety Canopies for Portable Generator Covers

Whatever you're using a portable generator for, it's generally unsafe to run it indoors due to the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Therefore, your unit will need substantial protection against the elements in case of inclement weather. That's where we come in.

At GenTent Safety Canopies, we create durable generator covers using dual-coated, military-grade vinyl and sealed seams. Our products are independent-laboratory-tested to provide the ultimate protection against high winds, heavy rains and snow.

Additionally, our perfect fit guarantee makes finding the right size cover a breeze. Simply enter your generator make and model to find the ideal fit in seconds.

Whether you're using a portable generator for commercial, residential, recreational or emergency uses, GenTent has a solution for you. Browse our line of portable generator covers and purchase yours today.

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