How to Prepare for a Winter Power Outage With GenTent

Posted by Amanda A. on Jan 12th 2024

How to Prepare for a Winter Power Outage With GenTent

There's never a good time to experience a power outage, but blackouts in winter are likely the worst. Winter weather conditions cause approximately 22% of power outages in the United States. Unfortunately, snow, ice, and sleet also prevent you from using your portable generator.

Luckily, there is a solution — GenTent offers waterproof covers that allow you to cover your generator while it's running. Learn how to prepare for a power outage to ensure you stay warm all winter. 

Understanding the Risks of a Winter Power Outage for Homeowners

A power outage lasting an hour or less is manageable, but anything longer causes significant disruptions to daily life. Here are some ways an electrical blackout impacts your home: 

  • Heating systems: Without electricity, you can't use your furnace, heat pump, or other heating devices to keep your family warm. Sub-zero temperatures in your home also present a serious problem — burst pipes. When water freezes, it expands in the pipe, resulting in costly repairs that could be up to $10,000. 
  • Food safety: Food stored in your refrigerator or freezer will start to spoil during an extended power outage. According to the CDC, chilled food left at room temperature for more than two hours is unsafe, and you will need to discard it.
  • Remote work: Working from home offers many benefits, including more flexibility and less travel time. However, an unexpected power outage will impact your ability to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

Emergency Preparedness: Ensuring Business Continuity During a Power Outage

Power outages last hours or even days. As a small business owner, you need to know how to prepare for an outage to ensure you can stay productive and satisfy your customers.

How a Generator Can Help Maintain Small Business Operations

From answering emails to lighting up a window display, many small businesses rely on electricity to get the job done. A reliable power source is even more essential for an online or e-commerce business.

Generators offer an effective backup power alternative, but there are some safety considerations. For starters, companies will need to place them outside to mitigate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and keep everyone safe. But how can you protect your generator against the elements, especially during harsh winters?  

Outdoor covers from GenTent are a popular method, since you can shield your generator while it's running. This protection ensures the electrical components remain dry and functional. As a result, you have peace of mind knowing your home or business will receive a constant power supply in all weather conditions. 

The Science Behind GenTent Weatherproof Generator Covers

Generators are a significant investment for home and business owners. For this reason, you want to ensure optimal weatherproof protection so they last for years to come. Learn about the features of GenTent covers and how they protect your equipment. 

Understanding the Design and Functionality of GenTent Covers

GenTent designs safety canopies for portable and inverter generators. Here's a breakdown of their most notable benefits: 

  • Waterproof: Each cover consists of marine-grade vinyl. This material makes it 100% waterproof even in hurricane-force precipitation of 12 inches per hour. 
  • Wind-resistant: Fiberglass rods with a self-attaching mounting system help secure your cover. Generator tents remain sturdy in winds of up to 70 miles per hour.
  • Flame-retardant: GenTent covers have a flame retardant rating of NFPA 701 on canopy and component pieces. 
  • Durable: Welded seams ensure safety canopies remain intact and withstand up to 18 inches of snow weighing 55 pounds. 

GenTent offers a range of weatherproof covers to suit all generators. Owners can easily find the right cover size by entering the specific brand and model number.

Protecting Your Power Source: How GenTent Products Can Increase Your Generator's Longevity

GenTent products help maximize your generator's life span by protecting electrical components. The strategically placed cut-outs and flaps also ensure adequate ventilation. Discover how these covers allow for safe use in all weather conditions. 

Address Common Generator Problems During a Winter Power Outage

Rain and snow present a problem for generator owners as water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Water seeping into electrical panels and outlets will also cause the generator to malfunction. GenTent covers consist of dual-coated vinyl to protect the inner mechanisms effectively. 

In addition to maintaining the longevity of your generator, you want to safeguard your family or employees. Keeping your generator far away from water eliminates potential injuries. 

Adequate ventilation is also essential when choosing a cover for your generator, regardless of the season. Covers that fully enclose your model may cause your generator to overheat — or worse, combust. Since portable generators can reach up to  600 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a dire concern. GenTent's innovative design allows air to flow freely, so there's less chance of your generator breaking down or causing a fire. 

Steps to Take Before and During a Storm to Ensure Continuous Power and Safety

You can use your generator safely and effectively by taking a few precautionary steps. Here are some important things to do ahead of a storm: 

  • Place your generator outdoors: Ensure the generator is at least 20 feet away from your home and your neighbor's property. 
  • Stock up on fuel: Generators run on natural gas or propane, so it's smart to have a backup supply before a storm. 
  • Equip your home: Place carbon monoxide detectors throughout your house as an added safety measure. 
  • Purchase non-perishable food: Keep a supply of canned goods on hand. 
  • Monitor your generator: Check on your generator periodically, and do not use it while sleeping. 
  • Unplug electrical appliances: Power surges can damage TVs, computers, and other household appliances. Unplug them to avoid any issues. 

Prepare for a Winter Power Outage With GenTent

Whether you're a homeowner or small business owner, power outages in winter are a major inconvenience. Be prepared for the colder months by choosing a high-quality safety canopy for your generator. These covers will allow you to feel more confident using your alternative power source in rain, wind, and snow. 

GenTent offers an extensive range of waterproof generator covers to fit all brands and models of backup generators. Our engineers create each cover to offer optimal airflow and keep the generator cool. The durable vinyl also protects electrical components from the winter elements.

For more information about how our products offer superior resistance against snow, sleet and more, reach out to our team. You can also explore our selection today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you're prepared for the next winter power outage.