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GenTent 10k/20k Stormbracer Installation and Safety Guide GenTent XKi Installation and Safety Guide
GenTent Generac LP5500 Addendum GenTent GTX Installation Guide
GenTent GTU Installation Guide GenTent Ridgid RD Series Addendum
GenTent Generac XG10000/XP10000 Installation Tip GenTent 20k Generac 15k/17.5k Installation Addendum
This section of the GenTent website contains Adobe PDF documents for the GenTent 10k and 20k product installation and safety guide as well as individual installation guides for our frame adaptation kits. We also include certain addendums for installation on particular generators. Adobe Reader is required to read and/or print these documents. The latest Adobe Reader is avialable here.

The GenTent installs in three easy steps***:

Clamp it: Install 4 clamps and set the telescoping rod length.

Frame it: Install frame rod to the center connector, then into the correct hole in the telescoping rod and repeat.

Cover it: Slide the GenTent canopy over the frame and secure by sliding the elastic straps over and behind the clamp telescoping rod.

Once the GenTent is installed, it can be left in place during generator storage or easily removed and stored separately. Should you wish to store the generator with the GenTent attached, we recommend releasing the elastic straps in order to keep them fresh and ready.

***Note: In some cases adaptation of the portable generator frame is required to create a proper mounting point for the GenTent clamps. Should your kit include a frame extender or frame adapter package (GTX, GTU, GTR), please follow the instructions for installation of the frame extender(s) or frame adapter(s) prior to installing the GenTent. Frame adaptation is generally required when:

  • A muffler heat shield or other panel is connected to a frame member that otherwise blocks the GenTent clamp from attaching directly to the proper location.
  • The portable generator uses a square tubular frame that must be adapted to the round openings of the GenTent clamps.
  • The portable generator is a very small frame and requires length and width extension.
  • In special cases where the frame does not provide 4 cornered mounting points such as:

o Ridgid RD series generators (except certain 5700W models) which do not have vertical frame members at the front of the generator

o Generac GP15000/GP17500 where the fixed handles block the canopy

o Certain other odd shaped frames such as the Briggs 01894 and Troy-Bilt 01925