GenTent® Continues to Grow Portable Generator Safety Market

GenTent Demonstrated Exponential Growth and Committed to Humanitarian and Disaster Relief During COVID-19 Pandemic and Active Hurricane Season.


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Nottingham, NH – January 20, 2021 – GenTent® Safety Canopiesinventors of easy-to-install weatherproof covers for the safe operations of portable generators in virtually any wet weather conditions – today announced that its GenTent branded sales revenue reached 76% year-over-year growth. GenTent® Safety Canopies expanded presence through retailers, and white label Covered by GenTent™ program; and took lead in disaster relief recovery efforts for an active hurricane season during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In 2020, GenTent saw a market demand increase for the GenTent Safety Canopies product line through all channels. Most notably the optimization of selling through as well as expansions through, and sales rose 76% YoY, generating the highest sales volume in company history.

GenTent increased shipping under their Covered by GenTent™ program for original equipment manufacturers. The Covered by GenTent program allows organizations to white label GenTent safety canopies for portable and inverter generators. Champion Power Equipment the leading generator manufacturer to offer a custom branded and color coordinated GenTent system.

In addition, GenTent continued work with the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association (PGMA) as an Associate Member in 2020. The PGMA’s “Take it Outside” safety awareness campaign was further enhanced with new policy discussions held at a series of technical summits to identify the best overall solution to address the hazards posed by improper use of portable generators. The Association, after significant research, testing, and simulation, has adopted the ANSI/PGMA G300 Standard working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to automatically shut down the generator when it senses carbon monoxide levels exceed established trigger levels.

Amidst a very different year with the COVID-19 global pandemic, and an active Hurricane season, GenTent maneuvered to assist in disaster relief effort wherever possible. GenTent announced it has expanded philanthropic and educational efforts by reaching an agreement with Direct Relief®, a federally recognized charitable organization. The agreement enables GenTent Safety Canopies to offer an ongoing campaign to support Direct Relief’s humanitarian efforts both domestically and abroad. GenTent strived to increase the production, logistical, and shipping scheduled to best assist with the national demand for portable generators.

“2020 was one of our most demanding and challenging years,” said Brian Thomas, Marketing Manager for GenTent Safety Canopies, “but also one of the most rewarding as an organization. We have seen continued growth in all segments of the GenTent operations and sales opportunities and are truly thankful to be making a difference during such a turbulent time of the COVID-19 pandemic. While GenTent has always made concerted efforts to give back, the commercial co-venture agreement with Direct Relief allows us to focus year-round on making a difference to communities in need. As GenTent grows our reach for our safety focus grows as well.”




About GenTent Safety Canopies

Established in 2011, GenTent® Safety Canopies are easy-to-install weatherproof covers that ensure safe operations of portable generators in virtually any wet weather conditions while keeping the generator portable. The GenTent reduces CO poisoning or electrocution risks by enabling portable generators to safely run outdoors away from structures during wet weather. Installation is a simple 3-step operation - Clamp it, Frame it and Cover it – to “Weatherproof Your Power”™.


GenTent Safety Canopies spawned the creation of the generator tent product category. The company’s independently tested, patented, portable generator safety canopies were relied on during every major storm in the last ten years. GenTent is considered the premier generator tent for portable generators operated by the National Guard, the US Army, homeowners, RV owners, tailgaters, campers, businesses and first responders. For more information visit:


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