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Headed to a NASCAR infield or to the stadium? Or taking the fifth wheel for boondocking or camping? Weather doesn't always cooperate so protect your portable power investment. The Consumer Products Safety Commission and the Portable Generator Manufacturer's Association warn inverter generators must be used outdoors to avoid CO poisoning and not be used in wet weather, without the appropriate safety tent, due to the risk of electrocution and damage.

Find your GenTent by choosing your generator Make and Model above!

GenTent® is the only weather proven product encouraging proper outdoor generator usage -- it minimizes electrocution and damage risks. Endorsed by portable generator makers, independently tested and referred by organizations such as Consumer Reports, GenTent utilizes a self-attaching approach that allows the generator to stay cool while keeping sensitive areas dry. The generator remains portable with easy access to refueling and other maintenance operations.

Be prepared for your next trip; complete your off-grid generator kit with the GenTent, the best way to keep your generator safe to run in wet weather.

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GenTent 10k Stormbracer XKI for Inverter Generators
List Price: $204.99
Storm Prep Price: $164.99
You Save: $40.00


GenTent® 10k Stormbracer® with XKi mounting kit for running your inverter generator safely in nearly any wet weather.