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Covered By GenTent™ OEM Program

Our Covered By GenTent OEM Program has been designed to easily enable other equipment manufacturers to participate in the strong growth of the new "generator tent" product category. Participant benefits include:

  • Custom branded generator tent product certified by GenTent
  • Quick to market, low risk leveraging GenTent's patented, proven design
  • High quality, high value generator accessory, onramp to this growth market
  • GenTent Safety Canopies 5-star rated customer care
  • Market development assistance for your product launch

Champion Power Equipment Storm Shield™

We are pleased to partner with Champion Power Equipment for their Storm Shield™ product. Champion Power Equipment is a leading North American portable power equipment company and early endorser of the GenTent. Champion products are available across North America at major retailers and online through a number of popular websites. The Champion Storm Shield™ provides a no tools required perfect fit on nearly all Champion portable generators rated 3500W to 10000W.

Portable and inverter class generators are only to be used outdoors, however, usage in wet weather is not recommended. Severe weather events can wipe out power in large areas for days and weeks at a time. In many cases portable power is most needed as a direct result of severe wet weather.

Analysts (Frost&Sullivan, SBI Energy, Synovate and TechNavio) estimate that over 10 million portable generators are used for emergency home backup and 2 million new portable generators are sold each year in the US alone. On a worldwide basis, an estimated 10 million portable generators are sold annually. These same analysts report a growth rate between 6% and 10% depending on region. For accessory suppliers, the portable generator market represents a potentially untapped, but large, growth opportunity.

GenTent® is the world's leading solution enabling portable and inverter generators to run in nearly any wet weather. GenTent products have been independently tested to withstand winds up to 70mph, snow loads up to 18 inches, and hurricane force or blizzard precipitation. The first real-world event, SuperStorm Sandy, proved GenTent's performance and value as a necessary accessory for portable generators. GenTent is the ideal base platform upon which OEMs can rely for a high quality, high performing product. With its patented clamp-on and/or strap-on approaches, for portable and inverter class generators respectively, a single canopy size accommodates most portable generators on the market over the last decade. Product selection and mix for the OEM is simple and depending upon needs can be done with a single sku. Finally, generator tents based on the GenTent Safety Canopies design and intellectual property are the most effective and affordable solution on the market today.

GenTent encourages portable generator owners to run their generator outside, complementing the PGMA Take It Outside campaign. Proper outdoor portable generator use reduces product liability exposure but most importantly helps people safely use their portable power.

Interested to offer a white labeled generator tent though the Covered By GenTent program? Contact us today!