Standard, Plus, and Extreme Material Comparison

We have carefully selected our materials and manufacturing partners with quality, performance, and durability in mind. All properly installed GenTent editions perform in the same high winds, snow load and precipitation levels. We currently offer the Standard, Plus, and Extreme versions of the GenTent; where the Extreme is made here in the United States by the same company that makes products for the military. The Plus and Extreme will have a lower temperature cold crack ratings as compared to the Standard edition, -32° and -45° C respectively. Both the Plus and Extreme editions also have a UV treatment which will make it more durable to prolonged sun exposure. The Standard Edition canopy and all accessories will carry a 1-year warranty at no additional cost. The Plus Edition will upgrade your canopy or kits' warranty to a 2-year warranty, and the Extreme edition carries a 3-year warranty.


We recommend the Extreme Edition if:

  • Extended Warranty is important for your usage
  • Your generator is stored outdoors year round
  • Temperatures fall below -10F for long periods of time
  • You live in an excessively hot or arid climate
  • USA Manufacturing is important
This table summarizes the differences in canopies.





NFPA 701 FR rated vinyl coated polyester.

NFPA 701 FR rated vinyl coated polyester.

NFPA 701 FR rated vinyl coated polyester.

Rated -25C to 85C

(-15F to 185F)

Rated -32C to 85C

(-25F to 185F)

Rated -45C to 85C

(-45F to 185F)

No UV Treatment

UV Treated Canopy

UV Treated Canopy

Outdoor Rated Elastic Straps

Outdoor Rated Hook and Loop (Velcro®)

1-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty

3-Year Warranty

Canopy China Sourced

Canopy China Sourced

Made in the USA


This table shows the differences in the hardware styles.

Hardware Components

(Direct Connect and Universal)

Hardware Components

(Inverter Strap Mount)

Clamps: Polycarbonate FR3

Kevlar Ratchet Strap with Slack Management Strap 124" (315cm)

Rubber Sleeves: EPDM

Rubber Sleeves: EPDM

Bolts: Stainless Steel

Angle Braces: Polycarbonate FR3

Self-Locking Knob: Nylon

Extender Arms: Polycarbonate FR3

Clamp clip: Nylon

Fiberglass rods: Dual Catalyst Fiberglass

Fiberglass rods: Dual Catalyst Fiberglass


Frame Adapters: Glass Filled Nylon


You can find a full description of the product warranties here.