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Interested in a GenTent for your Winco? Please read below and if your Winco is a model year match, please email your serial number and model information and we will pre-qualify the fit!

Prior to 2013, Winco generators uses an open top design with the muffler positioned near the top of the frame, whereas most generators have a gas tank or other covering that forces heat out the sides of the generator. Most generators also mount the muffler somewhat below the gas tank which provides plenty of separation from the GenTent canopy. The heat from these 2012 and prior Winco mgenerator models rises and can be intense, especially in the case of the Winco 12000 series. The GenTent® has a venting cap that expels much of this heat in our lab tests, but in certain circumstances the heat can exceed the specifications of the GenTent. Here is a picture of a Winco pre-2013 Model showing the muffler location:

We have confirmed with Winco that beginning in 2013, all models orient the muffler below the gas tank and low on the frame as shown in the picture below. This new platform relieves the heat concerns and qualifies Winco generators for either the GenTent 10k or GenTent 20k.

To determine which unit you have, reference the two pictures below and/or find the serial number on the generator nameplate. The serial number will have 5 or 6 digits followed by a letter and two numbers (like 10, 11, 12 or 13). The letter is code for the month in which the unit was built, and the last two numbers are the year of production. Therefore a serial number ending in M13 would have been built in March of 2013, where O12 would be October of 2012.

If you have a model year 2012 or prior Winco generator, the GenTent should not be used.