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GenTent Company Introduction - Generator Tent Market Overview

GenTent Safety Canopies invented the “generator tent” product category for portable generators.

The GenTent is a self-attaching cover that eliminates CO poisoning and electrocution risks by allowing safe operations of portable generators outdoors. Portable generator CO poisoning deaths and injuries occur primarily because the generator is used indoors. A top contributor to use indoors is that portable generators are not to be used in wet weather due to the risk of electrocution and portable generator damage.

GenTent is a 3rd party independent lab tested, multi-patented self-attaching solution proven to keep sensitive electrical panels and outlets dry in severe weather including winds up to 70mph, snow loads of 18”, and rain the equivalent of 24 inches per hour while not disturbing air flow for intake or cooling.

GenTent has been presented to all commissioners and staff at the CPSC, including the office of the chair. We have shipped over 10,000 units worldwide, including for use during Hurricane Sandy, and by over 30 bases of National Guard CERF-P teams. GenTent is featured on Champion’s generator safety page, and was recently featured in New Hampshire Chronicle TV’s “Bright Ideas”. We have successful dealer relationships that include Electric Generators Direct, Cabela's, Camping World, Amazon and Amazon Canada amongst several others. GenTent is also available in several regional hardware and equipment stores. We are proud of our consistent 5-star average rating, everywhere GenTents are sold.

GenTent Corporate Brochure