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GenTent Fully Encased Inverter Installation Videos

Strap It, Frame It, Cover it!

By watching this series of videos, you will learn how to install the GenTent on your inverter or fully encased generator. Our recommended techniques are provided throughout the videos along with details for each component.

  • These videos are organized in the order you will need for your initial installation
  • These videos are available in HD (720P) and full screen. Simply click the gear settings to choose a higher resolution
  • These videos can be viewed in fullscreen by selecting the full screen icon at the lower right side of the playbar.

Some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Important: The center connector must be installed with the pin facing upward. The pin keeps the top cap from collapsing and the center connector is reinforced in this direction
  • Important: The strap must located below the electrical outlets. The bottom edge of the canopy will be about 9" above the Extender arms. On large inverters over 3000W, it is preferable that the bottom edge be at or slightly lower than the top of the unit. On small inverters this is not as important because the canopy is significantly longer and wider than the inverter case
  • Never mount the straps so that they block the exhaust. This can damage the GenTent and damage your generator and is a reason to void the warranty.
  • Always be sure that the canopy doesn't block the natural flow of the exhaust. In some cases (like the Honda EU3000is), the exhaust is mounted at the top corner and the outlets are mounted lower. In this case the mounted GenTent will be sloped (the extender arms will be lower at the outlets and higher at the exhaust). This is as expected and the GenTent will perform properly in this configuratoin

We work on the concept of continuous improvement and are very interested to receive your feedback and suggestions!

Strap It! - Introduction to XKi and how to install the XKi strap mount

Introduction and Angle Brace Setup

Strapping Angle Braces to the Case

Install the Extender Arms

Frame it! - How to install the GenTent frame on the XKi Strap Mount

Cover it! - How to install the GenTent canopy and electrical skirts

Helpful Additional Clips

Loosen the Ratchet Buckle to Make Adjustments

Disassemble Extender Arms

Uninstall the Strap Mount