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Outlet Moisture Protection

The lower edge of the GenTent canopy does not cover the entire generator control panel; therefore, a detachable skirt attaches to the lower edge of the GenTent canopy to provide moisture protection for the generator receptacles and controls.

The WH7500E generator with a GentTent installed was subjected to simulated heavy wind-driven rain using an Orbit 58674 Turret wand and a Shop-Vac B3331.0 Power Blower. A Productive Alternatives Stratus RG202 Magnifying Rain Gauge measured the amount of simulated rain.

The simulated rain and wind was directed at the GenTent-covered generator from various directions for at least 10 minutes. All-told, this was the equivalent of over 24 inches of rain per hour, from three primary different directions onto the generator with the GenTent.

No moisture was found in or around the receptacles.