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Manufacturers and Portable Generator Safety Awareness

Tier 1 Portable Generator Manufacturers have been working together as part of the PGMA (Portable Generator Manufacturers Association) for quite some time. The focus: portable generator safety and safety awareness.

Working in collaboration with the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the PGMA have made many important strides to assure portable generators are used properly and that consumers are well informed about the dangers. The Take It Outside™ campaign targets the most dangerous use of portable generators - in a home, in a basement, in a garage or even too close to windows and doors.

PGMA members also agree that operating portable generators in wet conditions can pose a risk of shock and electrocution. PGMA is currently reviewing safety enhancements which can reduce the amount of CO emitted by portable generators in the future.

GenTent Safety Canopies is an Associate Member of the PGMA and strongly endorses the objectives laid out by the association.

Consumers mistakenly run their generator in a protected space (like a garage) to avoid the electrocution and damage hazards inherent in running a portable generator outside in wet weather. Many consumers don't realize the extreme danger they put themselves and their family in as a result.

GenTent, the generator tent market innovator, stands ready to enable consumers to Take It Outside™, even when the weather does not cooperate!

GenTent remains stable in winds that can topple trees, remains waterproof in the most severe precipitation while always allowing the generator to cool itself.

Portable generator makers have endorsed GenTent. Our Covered By GenTent™ program manufactures custom logo'd GenTents. This detailed Independent Test Lab report confirms what customers report - GenTent is the premier, no compromise, engineered generator tent for running portable and inverter generators in nearly any wet weather.