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GenTent Labs New Product Concepts

In the GenTent Labs, we are always actively thinking of new GenTent concepts and looking for feedback. Showing at this year's National Hardware Show, we will display the GenTent 3k concept in both our standard GreySkies vinyl fabric and in a vinyl backed camouflage fabric we have begun to test. The idea behind the GenTent 3K is to for very small open framed generators whose length and width are too small for the GenTent 10k, and for very small recreational and worksite inverter generators that are small and light enough to be toted around. These inverter generators are typically 3000W or smaller. In most cases the GenTent 10k can be made to fit on these generators. However, for very smalll open frame generators it means frame adaptation which translates to added cost and installation time, and for inverter generators it means extra long extender arms are required.

The GenTent is proven time and time again to perform - in both independent lab scenarios and in the hand of thousands of customers, used in real world major and minor storms. Considering a new product always requires potential customer input. How would you use the GenTent 3K and what would make it more attractive than the GenTent 10k? email us with your thoughts today!