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GenTent XKi Installed on Honda EU3000is

Installation Overview

The Honda EU3000is presents a minor challenge to mounting the GenTent because the exhaust is up at the top rear of the unit. We have installed and tested the GenTent XKi on a Honda EU3000is to ensure the robustness and that the exhaust is properly dispelled. The top dispels captured heat to a large extent but allowing too much into the canopy can cause the fiberglass resin to soften. This setup was run on high speed (eco off) for over 30 minutes. We measure no temperature increase on the inside of the canopy, which indicates that virtually all exhaust heat is being properly dispelled. The correct GenTent kit for the Honda EU3000is is GenTent 10k XKi for inverter generators.

Sloped Installation

GenTent XKi’s mounting system allows and the exhaust to be at the closest edge of the canopy. This "offset" installation is the recommended approach for all inverter class generators. For the Honda EU3000is setup, we use a sloping installation approach whereby the main canopy is set higher on the exhaust side than the electrical outlet side. The slope does not change the performance of the GenTent!

Installation Tips

The extender arm settings for the Honda EU3000is are:

  • To either side of the electrical outlet install 3 extender arms and use the outer most hole
  • To either side of the exhaust install 1 extender arms and use the outer most hole

Use the same size small grommets for the angle brace feet on the exhaust side. Use the large grommets for the angle brace feet on the electrical panel side.

Use the long opaque covering skirt around the electrical panel side as this skirt is long enough to cover both sides and the front of the electrical outlet panel

Honda EU3000is GenTent Video

Here's a 360 degree video of our test setup. Turn your volume down a bit when you watch this video!