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GenTent Safety Canopy: Cover for Running Portable or Inverter Generators in Severe Weather

Finally you can cover your generator while running it in virtually any wet weather, even severe weather! The GenTent generator tent is carefully engineered to be less expensive and much more convenient than stationary steel generator enclosures, retrofit plastic sheds, Pop-up canopies or DIY dog houses. With uncompromising quality and world class support, the GenTent protects your generator outside helping to ensure the emergency backup power needed for your home and recreational activities such as camping, tailgating, outdoor events and RVing. Simply select the right GenTent® Stormbracer® to cover your generator during inclement weather. You no longer need to risk CO poisoning by running the generator in the garage with the door open, or under a porch. Key benefits include:

  • Portable generator will run safely and avoid damage from wet weather - your family and generator investment are protected!
  • Inverter generators for camping, tailgating, food trucks and RVing are supported with the GenTent XKi strap mounting kit
  • Electrical outlets remain dry in severe wet weather from any angle, including blizzard and hurricane force precipitation
  • Your portable generator remains portable and easy to move
  • Large refueling door
  • Your generator naturally cools - unlike generator dog houses or other full canvas enclosures which cause overheat issues
  • Fresh air intake is not blocked
  • Full access to change the oil and maintain your generator...with the GenTent attached!
  • Ready for your climate with Standard and Extreme USA versions
  • US Patented method of self-attaching portable generator weather protection
  • Independent Lab Test proves GenTent performance
  • Endorsed by major portable generator manufacturers
  • Accepted by the PGMA (Portable Generator Manufacturers Assocation)

GenTent has helped keep power on and families safe through all extreme storms starting with Superstorm Sandy.

Learn more about the GenTent and see what customers are saying. Select your make and model above and we'll show you the right GenTent for your generator.

Clamp it, Frame it and Cover it - Three easy steps to Weatherproof Your Powertm today!