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The GenTent is installed on many Northstar generators.

When analyzing the newer Northstar generators, a general distinction in frame size and makeup is noted. The currently available Northstar 5500-8000 Surge Watt rated generators use a frame that is sized right for the GenTent 10k. These generators have muffler heat shields connected to the left rear frame member (when viewing the generator from the rear). Therefore the right fit for this generator is our muffler heat shield ready GenTent 10k.

The larger newer Northstar generators, ranging from 10,000 watts and larger, use the same frame size and configuration. They do not have anything blocking the clamps, such as a muffler heat shield, from directly connecting. All of these generators are a fit for the GenTent 20k standard model.

If you have an older Northstar generator with fixed handles and/or open top where the top of the muffler is completely exposed, please contact us!