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Each GenTent goes through a careful seam sealing process during manufacture. The process uses a combination of industrial grade fabric welding and seam sealing techniques. These techniques ensure a water tight product. Sometimes during this process a GenTent is cosmetically blemished. We also may include units from the demo pool from time to time. We keep these units separate and offer them at a reduction from our best price listed on the website with full warranty coverage. Should you be interested in one of these units, please contact Customer Care and we'll work with you on the options.

Second units are sold with full warranty support.

Updated January 10, 2016:

We have three (3) blemished GenTent 10k TanLight Canopies and ten blemished (10) GenTent 10k GreySkies Canopies available from a recent delivery of China made canopies. These canopies pass all quality inspections except there may be a blemish on the fabric or blemish on the logo printing. These units are offered at $35 off the regular price!

We have zero (0) blemished GenTent 10k USA Made seconds.

We have zero (0) blemished GenTent 20k seconds.