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Troy-Bilt offers a wide range of generators using the classic rectangular frame type. Rectangular frame Troy-Bilt generators, such as the Troy-Bilt 5500W Portable Generator #030431 are supported by the GenTent without the need for frame adaptation.

Troy-Bilt now offers three models with a slightly different frame setup:

  • 6000 Watt Portable Generator - 030475
  • 6250 Watt Portable Generator - 030595
  • XP Series 7000 Watt Generator - 030477

These particular Troy-Bilt models have about an 8 degree angle in the front section and the GenTent clamp/frame accommodate this angle nicely. Simply install the front clamps right under the electrical panel and the rear clamps on the vertical section of the rear frame members (before they angle inward toward the wheels). The handles are recommended to be down when using the GenTent.