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Honda offers a wide range of portable generators, most of which are qualified to work with the GenTent. Honda's very popular inverter series of generators, model numbers that begin with "EU" are supported by our GenTent XKi strap mounting system, whereas their portable generator line is supported by the original GenTent clamp mounting system.

Note: If your Honda generator has fixed, non-movable handles, we have these two options for you to consider for installing the GenTent.

Honda EU series generators are fully encased inverter class generators with no exposed frame members which can be clamped. We developed the GenTent XKi strap mounting system for these inverter generators:

The following Honda generators with folding handles are a direct fit for the GenTent 10k:

  • EG4000 through EG6500
  • EU5000is

The right side of the electrical panel on the following generators can extend to the bottom of the frame. In our experience there is enough clearance to put the GenTent clamp between the frame and panel, therefore we recommend the GenTent 10k for

  • EB4000X through EB6500X
  • EM4000SX through EM6500SX

The red arrow in the following picture illustrates the panel:

The Honda EB10000 is not supported at this time due to its size which exceeds our largest GenTent. The Honda EZ series, which includes all EZ1400, EZ2500, EZ3500 and EZ5000 are not supported at this time because they are open top generators with the muffler positioned at the top. Because of the open top design, muffler heat can collect in the GenTent canopy beyond specification.

For all other Honda generators, please contact us for GenTent options.