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The following Generac portable generators are a fit for the GenTent 10k. No adapter accessories (GTU or GTX) are required for these models:
  • GP4000-GP7500 (as shown above)
  • XG4000-XG8000
  • XP4000-XP8000
  • LP3250 and LP5500
The popular Generac LP5500 model is a nice fit for the GenTent 10k. Follow this simple clamp installation guide to get the perfect fit.

The Generac XT8000 is supported by the GenTent 10k. The correct kit includes a single GTX adapter which is installed on the frame that is at the left corner of the electrical panel, right above the welded on cross frame member as shown in this picture:

The Generac XG10000 and XP10000 are also supported, but we recommend the use of a single GTX adapter on the frame near the muffler since location of the clamp ends up in direct line with the muffler exhaust gasses. These generators will use the Heat Shield Ready GenTent 10k. Read our XG10000/XP10000 Installation tip for more information.

If you have a Generac Wheelhouse 5500, the GenTent 10k also fits your generator. The slope of the frame members is compensated by the GenTent frame. The handles do cause the GenTent fit to be slightly off level, but the performance of the GenTent is not compromised.

The Generac GP15000 and GP17500 and Guardian Ultrasource 12500, 15000 and 17500 are a fit for the GenTent 20k with Generac GP15k/GP17.5k kit.
Unlike the folding handle used on all other Generac generators, the handles on the Generac GP15k and GP17.5k are fixed. To make things a bit more challenging, the handles are positioned directly over the electrical outlets. There are two options to work around these issues -- a simple procedure to make the handles quick disconnect or mount the handles upside down.

Option 1: Make the handles quick disconnect

By replacing the four bolts that hold the handles in place, a 5/16 x 2" clevis pin setup can be used. The clevis pins are readily available at any hardware store and provide a secure mount for the handles while be able to quickly disconnect them. Using this approach, the handles can remain in place with the GenTent for portability and then the handles removed for use. With the handles installed, the main GenTent canopy simply needs the front left/right elastic straps detached from the clamps and the electrical skirts not installed.

Option 2: Mount the handles upside down

With this option, as shown in the pics on the order page, the handles would be remounted below the electrical panel. This would allow the GenTent to stay attached at all times and still allow the generator to be moved around. This option requires bending, but the generator does not feel heavy when lifting because the engine acts as a counter weight. This method is not recommended if the person moving the generator has any back issues!